Friday, February 11, 2011

Why would I climb the Kilimanjaro ?

Amsterdam The Netherlands, February 10th 2011

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, Readers,

indeed why would I climb the Kilimanjaro, me Juliette, French, living in the Netherlands, 31 years old, IT Consultant ?

The answer is simple and complex altogether. Those who know me raise their eyebrows on hearing the news, and once I give the why acknowledge in recognition.

I'm going out there, doing something looking quite impossible (to me) to raise awareness and funds for the VSO.

A trigger, this is what it took, to remind me that the only limits are the ones I plant in my brain. To go from "I should do something"to "I'm doing it". One beating of the butterfly wings.  

We all receive those requests, in the street, on TV, per email to donate our time or money for a good cause. And there are a lot of them.

About two weeks ago, I received an email from a colleague, he wrote: let's do it, forwarding one of these emails. The thinking process went as follow:
  • He copied me on the email; he thinks that I can do it.
  • The challenge is organized through my company; I know it is serious.
  • The organization for which the funds are raised fits my motto: sharing skills, changing lives.
  • I wonder if I can handle it, a summit at 5895 m; why not.
  • How would I go about it, raising the funds;  I know people, who know people...
I have signed up; I have started training;  I have started this blog.

Please support me ! I have a long way to go.

Coming soon:
- News on my training
- The page where you can sponspor me

More info on the VSO:

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  1. Big project but could be something to do specialy if it is a challenge and helping people. I will follow you dear, doei, Claude